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China International Foundry Association

This will be the Chinese name for the China International Foundry Association, referred international cast Society. CHINA INTERNATIONAL FOUNDRY ASSOCIATION, English name abbreviation CIFA this by the number of enterprises and institutions, co-sponsored by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China registered, registration number :58399827-001. Its nature is global and casting enterprises, universities, research institutions, and social organizations formed voluntarily, commerce, marketing, management, technology, talent in one of the non-profit industry organization, the Council is not a department, regional and ownership restrictions.

The purpose of the Council:

1, to safeguard the common interests of the foundry industry, to enhance foundry industry's image in the community;

2, to promote the technological progress of the foundry industry, foundry industry to improve the level of production technology;

3, and actively carry out skills training and management training, casting talent for the foundry industry;

4, to promote the exchange of experience in the industry among its members, and to enhance the management level;

Active in the contact of the enterprises at home and abroad, for members to provide opportunities for trade cooperation, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises;

Actively provide information technology, human resources, management, commerce, marketing, to enhanced casting enterprises in the international market competitiveness;

7, the establishment of contact throughout the business sector, government departments and relevant departments, to assist members to solve the problem of local laws, interests, disputes, and to better serve its members.

Functions and tasks

Provide foundry industry at home and abroad to the development of the latest market analysis, industry trends, technology information, policy interpretation, consulting services, business management and production techniques to diagnose and guidance to promote the industry and enhance overall quality.

2, and organize enterprises to carry out various forms of international technical, economic exchanges, organizing exhibitions and fairs at home and abroad, study and exchange activities of the industry, to create conditions for enterprises to explore overseas markets.

3, the organization industry workers and technical training, internal management training.

4, make full use of the network resources of the association with the relevant governmental organizations, trade associations, research institutions, international organizations, and organizations to carry out all kinds of activities for members to provide high level, multi-angle exchanges and cooperation opportunities.

5, "China International Foundry Association Annual Meetings held regularly, the the international casting high-end Forum, International Foundry Fair", "international casting technology exchange" China International Foundry Association castings Trade Fair "and other high-end commerce, thematic activities.

6 the the international casting (the Chinese website www.intfoundry.cn English website www.intfoundry.com) and "International Foundry magazine publicity casting enterprises, and create a favorable international development of China International Foundry Association member companies of good atmosphere of public opinion, efforts to enhance its international standing and honorary degrees, the member companies of the China International Foundry Association international reputation.

Actively promote the member companies, new technologies, new processes, new products.

8 to carry out exchanges and cooperation with foreign help member companies find partners to participate in international competition to promote enterprise wide.

9, guidance and coordination of various regions, various industries and enterprises and related industry organizations, improve the organizational system, the promotion of mutual cooperation, integration of government, business, media, and social resources.

10 bear-governmental organizations, other relevant departments entrusted task.

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